I have gotten lots of comments about the yarn that I used for my latest sweater.

It’s beautiful stuff, and it’s hand dyed by Ruth over at Knitting on Impulse. It just so happens that she’s having a sale. They don’t come around very often, and all of her yarn is irresistible to anyone that shares my color palette (which would be most of you, I believe). That’s probably why it also sells out very, very quickly.

So, if you’re looking for some yarn that just must be bought, you might want to jump over and take a peek. If you’re not looking to buy, I would recommend not clicking through (consider that fair warning).

A few notes on the yarn: I bought the BFL worsted. It’s a lovely, sturdy, high-twist yarn. I would really call it a fingering-weight, though, so beware that you might be knitting “worsted” on size 3’s. (Unless I somehow got the fingering weight labeled as worsted, but I think that’s unlikely.) It took me 8 skeins to make a sweater, and I have a little bit left over. Because the yarn is high-twist, it is also very dense, and makes a heavy-weight garment. If you’re someone who tends to pick up sweaters and say “but it’s so heavy“, the BFL might not be for you. I love it, and I think it will wear like iron. The extra weight also makes it nice and warm. Ruth also has many other yarns that look equally delicious…I just have a particular weakness for BFL.

So, if you’re hankering after some beautifully-dyed yarn, go take a peek. I just got the email in my inbox, and thought I’d share in case anyone was tempted by the earlier links that I’d posted and needed an excuse to check out her shop.