The house hunt is officially on. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but we are moving (again) in June. Or at least Branden is moving in June. I don’t have a job down there yet, so I may end up staying here a little while longer and moving in July; there are lots of things still up in the air. Honestly, I’m beginning to think that everything will always be up in the air, but at least I think I’m getting better at juggling with all this practice.

Either way, we have now officially begun the house hunt. This starts out many months in advance of a move, with a profiling of yarn shops, craft guilds, and hackerspaces in the new place. You know, the important things. Fortunately Chicago has all of these things in spades, so there won’t be any worries there.

Then begins the haunting of Ravelry boards for the given area, a few months in advance. Mapping out of particular neighborhoods begins in earnest, and extra details are added into the list for our top choices.

And now, the actual hunting begins. We drove down to Chicago for the day on Saturday to view our first candidate, and it looks really good.  The current tenants are still in the house, and we felt badly enough snooping in their closets and such, so we didn’t take pictures, but it’s very cute and has pretty much every feature on our list. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, since there was a lot of competition, but we applied and we think things went pretty well. So maybe. Fingers crossed!

Sunday was also a busy day. Franklin Habit was in Madison for the Knitter’s Guild Knit-In (which I missed due to house hunting), and he was teaching at our favorite LYS & coffee shop. We ended up on the wait list for the morning class, and only got one spot, so Branden took the Photographing Your Knitting class, and I took the afternoon Knitting from Antique Patterns class. Lots of good information, increased temptation to wander through the forests of old patterns (once I have brain space). We basically camped out in a yarn shop all day; it’s hard to complain about that.

In all, it was a busy but pretty good weekend. And now somehow it’s Tuesday night already. How does it do that?