If I was good and walked away from yarn once, that counts, right? Even if my helpful husband (cough *yarn pusher* cough) brought me back today to buy some?

We have had several discussions this week about how it’s his birthday, not mine, and we should be buying him presents, not me. And besides, I just knit a whole sweater in fingering weight alpaca, and it would be crazy to go start another. And then he says something like “but you’ll like it” or “you’ll knit it eventually.” If all couples could have such “arguments”, huh?

It’s hard enough to pretend that the booth doesn’t exist in the corner of the farmers’ market. But then, when dragged right up to it two weeks in a row by someone eager to buy me yarn, I don’t feel that I am fully responsible for what happens.

This booth can sneak up on you. It starts out looking like a hat display, but what’s that off to the side?

Yup, it’s a whole wall of beautifully hand-dyed open skein alpaca. (And mohair, but I appear to be completely immune to mohair…)

Now, I can usually resist skeins of yarn. But open hanks of yarn? Just hanging loose and looking for petting like that? And alpaca?

We all know where this is heading. I consider it fortunate that we only ended up with one sweaters’ worth…

But isn’t it beautiful?

Beautiful enough that I will even commit to knitting another sweater in fingering weight alpaca. Someday. Probably not right away, but someday. And, until then, I have a rainbow waiting in my stash, and a husband who is very pleased with himself. (How could you resist that, on his birthday weekend?)

We established long ago that Branden is always right, but that I always make more sense. This continues to hold true, apparently. He is right; I do like it, and I will knit it eventually. And waiting to buy until I am ready to knit would have made more sense. So there you have it.

The lady that sells this yarn is super-friendly and very happy to let you stay and pet as long as you want, whether or not you buy. If you’re ever in the Seattle area on a Sunday, check out her booth at the Ballard Market. Or, if you can’t drop by for yarn petting in person, there’s always her online shop. You know…if you happen to be looking for some alpaca…