One of the things that I love most about knitting is its ability to shift and change, to rise and fall with the flow of life. One minute a challenge, the next a much-needed reassurance, an oasis of rest. This last is what I need most right now; surety and steadiness. One thing that I can do without thinking, that comes naturally into place.

My creative energies are needed elsewhere right now,  making big changes and forging new paths. Everything is fine, and in fact better than it has been in a long time, but there’s a lot that needs my attention, that requires my focus. It’s comforting to know that my knitting will be here when I’m ready, as complex or as simple as I need in that time, for that moment.

For now, I have let go the complex, vaulting designs that require thought and planning in favor of the meditative simplicity of a single stitch, worked over and over (and over and over). First Drishdi, then a simple cowl to keep cold air out of too-sensitive lungs.

Nothing fancy; just a long tube of 2×2 rib in Cascade Eco wool from the stash.

Now, a hat to match the cowl, and then simple stockinette socks in a beautiful yarn.

That’s Socks that Rock Light in Mochaberry. It is every bit as squishable as it looks.

Simple things. Warm things.

Rest and comfort on the needles.