In the darkness of winter, we can all use a little brightness.  I found myself drawn deep into the color of this scarf as I knit, wrapped up in the comfort of its warmth. Its pure, vibrant red makes me think of fire and the warm, earthy spices that brighten these cold days. Mulled cider by the fireplace, the warm, red glow of embers.

In its pattern, I see a million things. Sharp, crackling flames.

Deep, oscillating zig zags.

Undulating vines.

Ocean waves.

Woven ribbons.

Sailboats racing into the breeze, a reminder that summer will return.

It’s light and airy, but it’s also warm. Warm enough that I managed to take off my coat (in 20 degree weather) to take a few pictures while Branden was home. The edges still curl a tiny bit, where the garter stitch border folds behind the lace and gives it stability. A quiet reminder that it began as the cinnamon stick scarf.

There’s little of that left, though, in the airy lace this has become.

These fiery berries were the only color we found in the soft grey landscape.

Some squirrel will be glad to find them waiting in the winter snow, a beacon of hope, a memory of fall’s bounty.

Thanks to Branden’s technical wrangling, the scarf is now available on the pattern page, and through Ravelry.