You know how husbands are always saying that they can’t let their wives go into yarn stores unaccompanied, lest they buy too much yarn? Mmm. Turns out I have the opposite “problem.”

Branden was in the US last week (and the week before). Since I had a specific yarn type/color in mind and it’s hard to get laceweight here, I asked him to stop in a yarn store and pick up a couple of skeins for me.

As in two.

So, he brought me nine. Nine!

Granted, some of the skeins are duplicates to ensure (very generous) yardage. Four skeins of Claudia Handpaints, in Ink and Antique Jeans.

And then a couple of skeins of Cascade Sock, some Misti Alpaca, and a huge skein of Mountain Colors (Maria’s Falls).

Oh my.

He does have good taste, though…

Guess I’d better get knitting, huh?