I am on the hunt for the perfect yarn. This is one of those moments where I wish that Rhinebeck was tomorrow, because I’m looking for something in particular and I’ll know it when I see it, but I prefer to shop by touch rather than by mouse.

So. I’m looking for a worsted weight wool-based yarn, but wouldn’t mind a little bit of luxury fiber thrown in if the price is right. I’m happy to pay for the right yarn, but it shouldn’t be too crazy expensive, since I’m going to need a lot. (750 yards? 1000? not sure yet, but quiviut and bison need not apply!) About 6 stitches to the inch, I’m thinking, with medium twist and good stitch definition (no fuzz) and nice drape. If it can manage all that and not be too dense/heavy, it would be perfect (a similar weight/grist yarn in the stash is 600 yards per 8.8 oz). Top priorities are warm and next-to-skin soft, with minimal pilling. Probably a solid or semisolid colorway, bonus points if it comes in gray.

I know it’s asking for a lot from a yarn, but I am sure it exists somewhere out there. Anybody know where I might find such a fiber?