In between pattern writing and knitting, I’ve been poking around in the stitch dictionaries, looking for my next big lace project. I usually start brainstorming around one central pattern, and then try to find others that work with it, gradually feeling my way outward from that one central point.  I mentioned before that I’m drawn to geometric patterns right now, I’ve had my eye on this one for a while:


It’s called pendants lace, and I love it. With more repeats, the two motifs interlock like little puzzle pieces. (It’s very obvious in the Walker photo, not so obvious in my swatch. I wanted to use the Walker pictures in this post, but I’m not sure if that’s Fair Use as far as copyright is concerned. Trust me, the two motifs interlock like little puzzle pieces….) My second trip to the stitch dictionaries focused around this one stitch pattern. What could I find that would match?

It’s a complicated motif, and a pretty unusual one. There weren’t many partners stepping up. But then I found myself coming back to this again and again:


The motif looks a lot like the pendants in the pendant lace.

Then I looked for things that matched the slanted yo lines in the pendant lace.


And for something to soften it.


I added a wavy edging to go with the vines.


All of a sudden, I had my transition from rigid, geometric pattern to soft, undulating vines.

So, I swatched. I’m planning to use the Mountain Colors Winter Lace that Branden brought back from the U.S. in September. It’s a 50/50 Merino/Silk mix, and it’s beautiful. It’s a real laceweight, so it’s light enough to knit into a fairly solid fabric, and it’s a generous skein that should last through a fairly dense lace project. These photos are a little bit dark, but they give you a pretty good idea of the colors.

And now, all that remains is figuring out how to put them together…