Charts? Check.

Yarn? Check.

Needles? Umm…??

I can’t believe that these are words that I can still say, but I don’t have the right needles for the lace I cast on the other day. It has been a long, long time since I’ve needed a needle and not had it.A glance at my needle collection would be enough to convince you that I have everything anyone could ever need, and multiple copies at that. And yet, I appear to have missed filling in the smaller sizes in my Addi lace collection. Huh.

The cast on I showed you was on size 3 Addis, but the gauge was way too loose. I wanted to go down to a 1 or a 2. I have a 2.25 mm (I think….it’s the one that has no equivalent US size), but that’s coming out a little too tight.

I went to knit night at my LYS on Wednesday, and bought size 1 and 2 in their pointiest needles (ChiaoGoos), as they don’t carry Addis. I’ve never tried Chiaogoo needles before. They looked pretty pointy, but after the first few rows of lace, I discovered that they’re not really pointy enough for things like k3tog. (Or at least not with this yarn and my tension.)

Guess I’ll be knitting on something else for a while…maybe a sock that is much needed to complete a pair. Or maybe a neglected sweater. Too bad, though…I was hoping to make some headway on the lace this weekend. Good thing there are plenty of distractions around!