Wow, December’s been a slow month for blog posts. (Actually, looking back, it’s been a slow year. Or two…)

I guess that’s partly because it’s been a slow year (or two) for knitting. Since the last post, I believe that I have managed to produce (dum dum dum)…three handwarmers! On big needles!

At least all four of them now have thumbs, and have been wet blocked, though there are ends yet to be woven. I have always found that handwarmers look absolutely terrible in pictures when they are not posed on human hands, and while I did ask Branden to put them on briefly while wet to make sure they stretched to roughly the right size for blocking, I wasn’t about to push my luck asking him to pose for photos, too. (It’s a patient man who tries on sopping wet wool…ick!) Photos will have to wait for another blog post.

Fortunately, knitting has no deadlines, and knitting with deadlines can usually be scuttled, which is exactly what I did to the holiday knitting game when I came down with a cold on Monday. Because really? Virus-laden knitwear isn’t really what anyone wants for Christmas anyway.

Our holiday celebration was delayed until yesterday in any case (work schedules, etc, etc), so I was back in the saddle in time to host, and it seems that everyone had a delightful time. Much food was consumed, gifts were enjoyed, and general holiday cheer was had by all.

Look at these itty bitty needles from a husband who takes hints (that would be a 1.2mm, 1 mm, and 0.7 mm needle size):



They also came with their very own 3D-printed knitzi (from his homemade 3D printer, which he built from last year’s Christmas gift from a wife who takes hints. What can I say? Reciprocal enabling at its best.)



So here I am, back on my feet again, holidays managed, and with a week free from work (except for a day or two of unexpected consulting that popped up the week before last). Who knows? I might actually knit on a sweater!

Hope you all had a great holiday, and that you’re finding your way back to the needles after the rush of the season!