Sorry for the rant. I’ve been trying to pretend that the internet thing is working just fine, because I want it to be ok and I know there’s not much we can do to change it. (Plus, I don’t like to be whiny on the blog…it’s not attractive in person, and it’s less so on the internet when people are taking time to come talk knitting, IMHO.)

And really? Why should it be such a big deal if my internet is slow? Seems like there should be so many bigger issues in the world to flip out about, yes?

Well. I’ve been reading a great book on neuroplasticity lately (yes, this is my “for fun” reading. What of it?), and the author talks about how using a computer actually changes the way your brain works; just like being blind changes the way you hear.* He argues that our computers become an extension of ourselves, reaching out into the digital world in the same way that our senses bring us the real world.

Considering how much time I spend working on a computer, having it stop working is something like losing all sensation in my left leg. Won’t kill me, but it sure is annoying, especially when I try to get up and walk somewhere.

Or, in this case, especially when I want to talk to people.

Gives me a slightly different perspective on why such a small thing might be so distressing. Also gives me a different perspective on how dependent I am on my computer. Hmmm.

So. Branden thinks he has a new, simple, completely magic system that will make everything better. He has a Plan.

Of course, he wasn’t able to download the things he needs to put the Plan into action last night because the internet connection is slow.

Yeah. Circular, I know. This is the problem.

BUT, he is downloading things today and we’ll try again soon. And hopefully there will be no more occasion for temper tantrums on the blog about computers not working.

And it sure would be nice to be able to feel my left leg…

*This is a really, really great book. One of the best I’ve read lately. Completely fascinating. Sounds geeky, but it’s just so cool…