Because I’m sure I’ve written them. Lots and lots of posts, things that I wanted to say, things I wanted to share. It’s just that they are nowhere to be found.

I thought they were here. I thought they were in my blog posts folder. Heck, I even thought some of them had been posted to the blog already. But they’re not here. Which I’m pretty sure means that I haven’t written (or posted) them. Because there is so much between me and the “post” button that I don’t even know what I have and haven’t said anymore.

So I’m behind. Way behind.

And grumpy about systems not working and things not being where I want them to be when I need them.

Really, my whole blogging system is broken right now. And I hate it. I never thought of myself as the whiny artistic type that complains about things breaking “my flow.” But they are. It is just not working, and I can’t seem to come up with a better option. Stuck!

And so I’m not writing. Which is sad, because I want to write. Or rather, I want to want to write. You know? Sigh.

So. I think I need to go write some blog posts that are not trite, whiny, and boring. I’m sorry for the delay, and I’m trying to figure out how this can possibly work without me hating every step of the process.

I have lots of things to show you, and lots of things I thought I had already showed you. They’re coming. Just as soon as I shake off the grouchy, crankypants mood and figure out what to do about the fact that I really can’t work this way.