Don’t do any of it! Always a good plan. And what do we do when we’re avoiding the things we need to be doing? That’s right…get knitting done!

At least it makes blog fodder. =)

I’ve discovered that I knit much faster when stressed, though I don’t seem to be able to concentrate enough to work on complicated things (i.e. Irtfa’a). At least I got the ribbing done on the sweater! Just the arms left now, and they should be pretty quick. At least I feel like I’ve made progress on something, though it isn’t something that actually has pressure and a deadline attached. Oh well. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I didn’t spend all day inside working. And, I did get the first 5 or so chapters of the organic chem catch-up done. At least it’s only the second class in the series rather than the third, so I only have one quarter’s worth of back reading to do!