At least I think it is. There’s an error, but I think I’m ok with it. Can you see what it is? (I know, the sweater is dark…I promise, you can see the problem!)

It took me a two tryings-on and a few minutes in front of the mirror wondering why the sweater looked a little off to find it. I’m interested to see if anyone can see it, or if it’s just me.

This sweater isn’t exactly what I’d planned for the yarn to become, but it took on a life of its own while I was knitting, and who am I to argue? I think I like it much better this way than as the open-front cardigan I’d planned.

I’ve been wondering since the swatch if there was a tiny, tiny bias in the yarn. I played with it for a few days trying to decide, but couldn’t really measure any leaning. I noticed it again in the sleeves, and decided that I wouldn’t chance steeking and having a crooked front opening. I tend to like pull over sweaters better anyway, but I was a little afraid that the alpaca would be too warm.

But really? A sweater that’s too warm? I’ve never encountered such a thing. I have been known to go for weeks in the winter without wearing a coat if my sweater’s enough (even in Boston), so a warm sweater has never been something to avoid. Isn’t that what they’re for, anyway?

I do have to say, though, that alpaca is warm. This fingering weight sweater is about as warm as my favorite worsted weight wool.

Did I mention my house is cold? Well, it is. I could just turn on the heat, but that would be giving in way too early. It’s only October 10th! So, it’s blankets and tea and handwarmers, and sweaters.

I am so excited that this one is done! I had to stay up last night and finish. I just couldn’t go to bed with the last few inches unfinished. I wore it all day today, despite the fact that I haven’t woven in all the ends yet (I was writing from home, so none of my labmates needed to wonder about the trailing threads). I wanted to give myself some time to decide whether to pull back and fix the mistake, or whether I should just leave it (the bias issue is not the mistake). I don’t think it bothers me. And I love the sweater.

I can see the bias a tiny bit in the colorwork; only about a quarter or half an inch of lean for every six inches of knitting, but it’s there. The neck decreases seem to accentuate it a little bit.

I think I love it anyway.

I’ve been too busy wearing the sweater to actually take a picture of the floats. It’s cold in here, and I’m not taking off my warmest layer, even for the blog. I will try to remember to post construction details next time.

So of course, this means that I now need to seriously consider the “what next?” question. I’ve been knitting on this for so long that I forgot it might really end someday…