Well, after months and months of knitting, the sweater is finally done.

I don’t really know why this one took so long; I started it way back in October, which puts it at about 5 months to finish. That beats my three-month record for Oblivion, and this one wasn’t even knit on particularly small needles. (Well, they’re not small anymore…threes feel downright large some days). I love the yarn, and I even liked the knitting.  The stitch pattern made me a little crazy at the cuffs, but that only lasted for a few hours.

Nope. I’m afraid that the only real reason that this sweater has taken 5 months is: distraction. I’d work on it for a while, and then the current body/sleeve would get too big for bus knitting and it would become evening knitting. I don’t get to do a lot of that, and I tend to like to work on projects that move quickly in my limited evening hours. So it got replaced by one thing after another.

But now, it is done. I finally finished the neckline and bound off on Saturday afternoon, and then wore it all day on Sunday. I may also have worn it to work on Monday, but since no one saw me both days it doesn’t count. Besides, I had to verify that it goes equally well with the green shirt and the red shirt. (It does.)

As it turns out, it was finished just in time. Today was in the high 50’s, and tomorrow we’ll be well into the 60’s. It’s still likely that the cold will be back, but my heavy sweater days for this year are numbered. At least now I’m ready for fall!