You may remember the waving lace shawl at I knit a couple of years ago. (Has it already been a couple of years?? Amazing.)

While we were taking photos for the blog post, I arranged it like this:

Partly because I wanted to remember that I thought that this lace pattern would make a great lacy sweater.

Fast forward two years, and you’ll find me with a bowl of yummy Falkland handspun just waiting for a project.

That became this:

Which happens to be another in a long series of completely unphotographable colors that have emerged from my dye studio. That photo gets the intensity right, but leans a little too far toward the blue for the real yarn.

In any case. I swatched, I cast on. I knit a full repeat. I decided that I was going to run out of yarn at that rate, pulled back, went up two needle sizes and swatched again, reduced my stitch count by 30%, and cast on again on the plane to Rhinebeck.

(Some people make sweaters to wear to Rhinebeck. Apparently I cast on. There’s nothing like planning ahead.)

This second photo is a little closer to the real color, and shows the lace pattern beginning to emerge.

And if you look very closely, you can see some beautiful little stitch markers that Jan made for me and sent by way of Ellen. (Thanks, Jan!)

She has perfect timing, too, since I had just lost my stitch markers and was in need of more. Knowing me, I’d probably have gone for plain plastic rings, so I’m especially excited to have some fancy jewelry for my needles. Those colors match the lace prefectly, too. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m just finishing up the waist shaping now, and beginning the repeat that will increase for the bust and underarm split. Knock on wood, but it looks like I might actually have enough yarn to make it at this gauge. Fingers crossed!