Every once in a while, the universe has a message that it tries to send your way. Sometimes it gets through, and sometimes it’s a bit garbled. This month, it appears to be talking to me with a mouth full of marbles.

On two separate occasions, I have apparently had problems with financial documents (from different companies) just not showing up. Actually, in both cases there is pretty clear evidence that they never sent the documents in the first place, but we’ll be nice and just say that I never got them.

And, because I never got the original message which would have been simply fixed, this month I have received threatening letters about accounts overdue (for which I had never received a statement, and for which no statements had been sent) and tonight for an account about to be closed (because one part of their system has lost a certain number that they need after having stored it safely without anything changing for 7 years, and even though the same number is stored in a different part of the same system it can’t be transferred, because the two parts of the system can’t access one another).

So I get the message that I missed the message. But how am I supposed to respond to a message that was never sent? And why, oh why, are you suddenly going to close my bank account for lack of a number that you already have???

Clearly, there’s something I’m missing here.